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Sep 29th, 2016

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Dr. Joe Vitale, co-author of NY Times Bestselling book, The Secret

Dear Friend,

For the past 20 years, I've been helping people like you attract ALL kinds of miracles in their lives.

I've helped people attract...

  • Money
  • Cars
  • Soulmates
  • Better health
  • New careers
  • Dream homes
  • And much more!

And I can help you do the same. The key is for you to be ready. (And it looks like you are.)

Just the fact you're reading this short letter tells me you want to attract miracles and/or experience some dramatic change in your life. So congratulations for taking inspired action.

To be right upfront – I'm living proof that you can manifest anything you want in EVERY area of your life. (I started as a homeless man, literally living out on the streets.) In fact, you'll be surprised at just what you can accomplish IF you just take that first step forward — just like I did.

And I want to help you do just that --- starting today! Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. I mean STARTING TODAY!

Let me explain...

For the past four years I've been teaching people how to attract miracles through a program called "Miracles Coaching®."

The results were incredible.

Here are JUST A FEW of the results people reported (many more below)...

  • Manifested $42,000 in just one month to pay cash for a building
  • Stopped a plane on the runway
  • Paid CASH for a brand new Mercedes Benz Car
  • Grew their business to 17 agents - starting with only 3
  • Freed themselves from 10 years of depression and stopped biting nails
  • Experienced freedom from overwhelm, and negative thoughts
  • A newfound sense of worth
  • Healed past relationships giving them trouble
  • Health improved without any medication
  • Found their life's purpose
  • Received physical healing from infections
  • Dramatic WEIGHT LOSS
  • Received money that was totally unexpected
  • Attracted the IDEAL JOB CAREER
  • Reconnected with family members
  • Improved relationship with their children
  • Cleared barriers and conquered limiting beliefs
  • Accelerated the manifestation process
  • Attained a million-dollar business deal
  • Manifested money
  • And there's way more!

Now, here's the good news for you...

I've taken the original program, completely updated it, and made it FAR MORE dynamic than ever in my BRAND NEW program, just released, called...

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As you know, I'm a BIG believer in miracles and magic. I've learned that you need to be 100% 'clear' to achieve any real, long-lasting result you want. If you have any counter intentions within you whatsoever, little or big, whether conscious or unconscious, you will NOT be able to achieve the long-term results you want.

So you may be wondering how you can get 'clear.' How do you jump over hurdles and at lighting speed, right to whatever it is you're trying to achieve? You need a "Miracles Coach" that was trained by yours truly - to teach you how to attract anything you want in your life at lightning speed.

Now you can have one! Apply Here

Before I go any further, I must mention that there's an investment. This is not a free program. In order for me to put this program together and give you the highest quality delivery, it required certified professional coaches, extensive preparation, and a huge investment on my part. We're talking about life transformation.

If you want to learn more about how you can attract money, JOBS, health, love, careers, relationships or anything else using my BRAND NEW "Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching®" program, take a few minutes and fill out the free consultation questionnaire below. (Also, see some of the amazing stories of others who went through my original "Miracles Coaching®" program below. (The results speak for themselves.)

Take inspired action today and learn more!


Joe Vitale

P.S. I'm more than walking talk when I recommend coaching. I've had coaches as far back as I can remember. I have a personal fitness coach, nutrition coach, and my own life coach.

P.P.S. I invented and coined the term "Miracles Coach" back in 1997, and first used it in my book Spiritual Marketing (now called The Attractor Factor). I've been fine-tuning the coaching process and decided to expand, revise and completely update it for 2009. The new "Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching® Program" will help you attract miracles in every area of your life. Click the link below to learn more

P.P.P.S. Please read this entire page including the testimonials about my previous Miracles Coaching® program, Miracles Coaches, and the great letters I received from people of all walks of life. Click the link below to learn more. Apply Here

Listen to an exclusive interview with one of Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaches

Listen to an exclusive interview with one of Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaches

Listen to an interview with one of Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching students

What Others Have Said About Miracles Coaching

Man with small girl

Michael M.

West Orange, NJ

I've learned to be aware of what I'm thinking every moment. My new mindset is to purge limiting beliefs and release the things and ideas that are not positive, loving, and abundant.

I move on quickly, and I don't harbor anything negative. I try not to say or repeat anything negative or harmful. During my 22 years of professional practice, I had my single best month in June and earned $58,000 new in commissions. It came out of the blue! This is about 10 times my monthly average (in new commission business).

This program more than pays for itself. I look forward to speaking with my coach again.

Image of woman

Karen W.

Bloomington, IL

I had been studying CDs and books for years to help me progress in my personal development. Working with a personal coach helped me grow ten times faster.

My progress in 8 weeks has been incredible. We all have a "past". Things happen to us all of our life. Little do we know that these things set our belief system. We spend the rest of our life reaching for the level WE believe is possible. My personal coach helped me to realize that I already have everything I need to be, do, or have anything I want well beyond what I believed. My coach taught me how to get out of my own way.

Within a week I attracted enough money to cover my coaching program.

My coach taught me how to let go of resistance and seven weeks into the program I got promoted to COO of my company after years of stagnation.

Thank you to my coach and to the program for making my dreams a reality.

Image of man with woman and baby

Casper H.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Since starting on miracles coaching, a lot of truly wonderful things have happened in my life. My business is growing faster and stronger than planned, and I am getting new clients every week. Within the last three days, I have had more clients contact me than ever before. With all my new clients, I will get $5,000 per month income. I have decided to quit my part-time job and follow my dream of being completely self-employed. Also, this was my goal before starting on the miracles coaching, but it seemed very far away and maybe not doable. Now things just seem to happen by themselves.

Another thing regarding my financials, which gives me lots of freedom, is that my investments are bursting up. Since starting this program, I have tripled my income, including my investments that have grown $20,000. Also, I have found several very profitable and highly secure investing opportunities that will help me achieve my financial goals.

Image of man and woman

Jay T.

OFallon, Illinois

I started the Miracles Coaching Program about six weeks ago. I had been looking for a coach for a couple of years, but never felt comfortable with any that I came across. I read and listened to a few more of Dr. Joe Vitale's works, and they made sense. I contacted The Miracles Coaching Program, and I am very glad that I did.

I want to thank my coach for his advice, help and listening ear when needed, but most importantly for pushing me and holding me accountable. It is amazing how your goals/mission can change over your lifetime, and going through the values, goals and mission assignments have revitalized me to take control of my present and future.

I have finally clarified my values, goals and my new Mission Statement. These exercises made me realize that I had to develop multiple income streams to reach the goals that are most important me. I have since started a book, am working on a patent for an exercise bike accessory, and am in the process of investing in a couple of business ventures.

By using the affirmations and Ho'oponopono, my bonus was recently amended to give me an additional $80K this year and I have just attracted a $10K increase in my base salary as well.

Thanks to my coach I am keeping all of these projects moving forward.

I had major negative belief issues that were holding me back from my goals, and creating marital issues. The two biggest were scarcity mentality and fear of failure. Thanks to this program I am light years ahead of where I was, and believe that I will completely overcome them.

Image of man and woman

Jim B.

Anaheim Hills, California

I've Found the Love of My Life!

It was with some disbelief that I started this program, but I quickly discovered the power of what this program brought to me. I have been alone for the past ten years, after two long and less-than-satisfying relationships. I had resolved in my mind to remain single for the rest of my life.

However, I stated (as one of my goals in my profile) that I would like to find the love of my life; but to tell the truth, I didn't think it would happen. I quickly discovered that that was a negative belief. I subsequently changed and released that thought and began visualizing having a partner that I could relate to.

At the suggestion of my coach, I somewhat reluctantly subscribed to a singles-matching program. Within days, I received a response from a lady in Winnapeg, Canada (I'm in Southern California). My original reaction was that she was too far away and she had no picture. After a considerable number of emails and several phone conversations, I found that we had a great deal in common. Our thought processes and attitudes were strikingly similar. So, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and fly to Canada to meet her.

Our compatibility scale was extremely high, and our level of communication was unrestricted. Within a short period, I found myself very attracted to her. It seemed as though we belonged together. I felt as though I had known her for years, and yet it had only been less than two months.

For the first time in my life, I had conversations with her, which I was previously uncomfortable discussing with anyone else. We were totally open to each other, with no pretenses.

And so, the journey continues. I feel very blessed and I am overwhelmed knowing that I have finally found the love of my life.

Image of woman

Terri T.

Canton, Ohio

In the early sessions of my coaching, it was hard for me to talk about my life. I did not know this person who was assigned to coach me.

I was skeptical and timid about opening up to this stranger. But again, I knew that I wanted change in my life. My coach clearly understood exactly where I was at and began to draw me out. He helped me to see areas in my relationships with people that I needed to work on and how to better handle situations.

As I grew to trust him, and put into practice the techniques and suggestions he gave me, I started to see and feel the change. Even my family, friends, and coworkers could see the change in me. I was starting to take back control of my life, and it felt good! As my self-confidence grew, I realized successes in all areas of my life.

Image of woman and a small girl

Kimberly Little


I feel so privileged to be able to share with you my experience and testimony as a result of my coaching with you.

First, I want to acknowledge you for the work that you did with me. In each session, I always felt that you were "for" me and present with me. I am moved by your commitment and desire to help me and others each day you come to work! The impact you have had on me alone has been extraordinary and an experience that I will never forget. I am moved by your interest in helping others to really find peace in letting go of the beliefs and attachments that may be holding them back from freedom and true happiness. Your work with me has been truly inspiring. Thank you.

I will say that my work with you has been nothing short of miraculous. I have seen countless miracles in the past 6 months that have not only changed my life, but my potential to help others as well. I have been able to let go of a life-long attachment to a need to make money as a replacement for my worthiness. I have been able to forgive my father and myself for that attachment and for the belief that I was a failure because I did not pursue medical school. I have learned to trust myself and my ability to clear limiting beliefs and inspire others. I have learned that gratitude is at the core of happiness for me. I have learned to recognize my blessings for what they are and to acknowledge my accomplishments. With that, I have learned to embrace the "good" with the "bad" and to look for the miracles in each.

Probably the most life-changing lesson that I have learned, and that which provides the freedom I enjoy now, is the ability to live and to "be" in the present. I have learned to enjoy each moment that God has given me. Probably even more important, I have been able to recognize when I am not "being" in the present. I have learned that Divine inspiration comes when we are clear and in the present and that is what I look to do each day.

I am so grateful that you were selected to be my coach. I am grateful for the privilege in getting to know you and I look forward to our future time together.

Image of Man and Woman

Tom M.

Inkster, Mississippi

I can't believe how much better I feel!

I have far more energy, excitement, peace, love, joy, and happiness in every moment of my day. I am feeling more rested and relaxed, where nothing bothers me.

Image of Woman

Melissa E.

Louisville, Kentucky

I have made such amazing and rapid progress, since I started working with my coach. Each week I gain more insights into how to free myself from old beliefs and patterns and how to change my life for the better. I have gained more energy, I feel happier and more positive, and I have lost weight without even trying! Life is opening up in all directions.

Image of Woman

Elisabetta R.

Lugano Ticino, Switzerland

My coach had taught me how to cure myself. I have been applying these teachings and here are the results:

I had to undergo a tooth extraction after this tooth had shown an infection. The dentist told me that the tooth could break into pieces. The tooth came off in one piece and the bleeding stopped after a few seconds and there was no after bleeding at all! Fantastic, I was so grateful and still am.

I had been suffering from an ulcer on my left leg. This has happened repeatedly since 1996. Yesterday, I went for the treatment. The ulcer is completely healed. The health professional was really surprised. She told me that usually ulcers take much longer to heal. Another thing to be completely grateful for.

t is really fantastic. I am so glad I enrolled in the Miracles Course.

Image of Woman

Sherri P.

Blue Springs, Montana

My oldest daughter, who is only 12 years old, is starting to do the things I have learned in my coaching sessions. She was dealing with a health issue last night, and I helped her see it in her MIND'S EYE differently than with her body; and just like that, the situation turned.

Image of Woman

Monique M.

Mont St-Hilaire, Canada

I would like to share my experience as you called it 'My first miracle'. At our second teleconference, we repeated the mantra 'I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you'.

Before our TC, I had pain in my dorsal spine and left arm for few days. During the time we were both saying the mantra, the pain disappeared.

Earlier that week when the pain started, I asked my guardian angel to tell me what is the meaning of this pain and I let it go. At this particular moment when the pain went away,

I understood that this pain was related to my negative thoughts, my body was reacting very strongly to the weight of these thoughts.

Image of Woman

Caitlin G.

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

I joined the Miracles coaching with the aim of revitalizing my business and coming off antidepressants.

I had started on antidepressants nearly a year before due to some major family issues and to be entirely honest I was fairly broken. I then met my coach...All the steps I had taken were ones I would never have done in the past.

I am now completely off medication and about to embark on a new job.

Thank you, Miracles Coaching!

Image of Man

Sam G.

Louisville, Kentucky

I wanted to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed all of our sessions, over the past six months. I cannot tell you what a difference you have made in my life, what effect you have had on my happiness, and the positive things that are happening to me. I have gone from being very depressed, feeling like nothing was going to work out, that life was meant to be a struggle to being happy, to feeling as if anything is possible.

Image of Woman

Albena B.

Weston, Florida

Thanks to my coach for coming to my life and making this enormous impact in my personal growth! After each session, I feel so empowered by your guidance.

I have to tell you, that from day-one, you were a BIG part of each days' miracles because you gave your best to understand me, to be my friend, to support me and guide me on how to transform my limiting beliefs to my powers of happiness, love, and abundance! I appreciate so much every single thing you did for me!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I feel more free and full of love and confidence. The miracles and transformations are coming into place.

Image of Regan

Regan M.

Olympia, Washington

The miracles program is amazing. I am a believer because it works. Coaching has helped me become more accountable to myself and has been very beneficial. The personal interaction has been critical to my success. Our sessions have helped me clarify my thought process and to be more aware of my thoughts and what I needed to do to change them.

Clearing has helped me become more calm and centered and helps me release all the negative stuff that might be going on in my head. Because of this, I am more aware of my negative thoughts and turned 180 degrees. Over the past week I have noticed many people commenting on how much I've changed. Many family members have complimented me on how positive, talkative and engaging I am. My Confidence also seems to be growing - not arrogance but just calm confidence. And it seems as I clear my limiting beliefs about deserving love, more is flowing into my life. And as opportunities come up I am acting on it. Recently I've noticed many relationships (friendships and romantic) developing with very little effort. Things seem to be flowing and going great.

Image of Jean-Francois

Jean-Francois L.

Rimouski, QC Canada

I just wanted to drop a note and a difference a few months can make.

I have been involved in reading all sorts of personal developments books, listening to and watching whatever I could get my hands on. All in attempt to feel that certain something, but on my own none of it really did the trick. I got a lot of information on my own, but it wasn't backed up by action. I often felt like I knew there were things I could or should be doing, but I felt kind of paralyzed, like I hit a wall that I couldn't push through.

Then I stumbled across Mr. Vitale's works in my public library, and I was already familiar with him from The Secret.

I loved what I was hearing, it was very empowering to know that I wasn't the only one who didn't just 'manifest' everything I wanted just by thinking happy thoughts. I learned that we all have limiting beliefs that are basically negating all those things you are trying to go after because they are what you are really feeling deep inside. Again I tried on my own some of the techniques but I just couldn't get that breakthrough to that feeling that there wasn't all this heavy junk weighing me down.

Enter Joe's Miracles Coaching program! Ta Da!!! Now that's what I'm talking about! Working with my coach was life changing. She is so gentle and yet so strong at the same time! Finally someone to guide me over a period of time to gradually help me peel away my layers. I feel so calm and relaxed and at peace...all this while a 3 and 5 year old circle around my feet as I type. I'm soooo happy I entered this program. I would have paid a million bucks to know and feel what I know now.

We have been coached for the last 14 weeks and have noticed some radical changes.

Every day is a pleasure now - we are not troubled by worry at all. If negativity comes into our life we have numerous clearing strategies that we can employ to dispel it. If fact we have built clearing techniques into our day so they are automatic.

The Miracles Coaching Program has transformed my life.

Image of man

James V.

The work you (Coach) do with me is invaluable. To thank you isn't enough - to finally get clear on these things I've been carrying around for 20 years. I can't express it in words! You have this amazing gift and the universe brought us together to do this work and it totally floors me. There's this huge blessing for me every week when we get to talk. That's totally how I think about our calls. Wow! It's really good stuff. You should be charging more for it. It's beyond money. Money is just money. This work is really valuable.

Image of woman

Liz Ladyjenski.

The past few months have really been a life-changing experience for me. I now believe that anything is possible and I've learned to trust the universe.

I have never had a mentor in the past and the experience of being coached by you far exceeded my expectations.

I want you to know how much you change the lives of the people you coach, and I'm grateful for you. Thank you.

Image of man

Christopher Ramsey.

Hey Joe,

Thanks for taking the time to write your products as well as you do. I have a few books of yours, and have gotten some amazing insights since reading them. Your book "The Attractor Factor" took what I teach, and turned it completely upside down. I have been trying to figure out a good way of saying what you have said in this book, and you gave my thoughts the words they needed. Even though I just finished the book a few days ago, I have already seen some amazing things happen, so thanks Joe!

Image of woman

Jess Clifford.

Mr Vitale,

You said that we should act on the things that we feel inspired to do, so that is what I'm doing here. I felt inspired to reach out and simply thank you for sharing your spirit and life, and making a truly meaningful impression on mine. That is simply what I needed to do. Nothing to ask, just the most sincere gesture of gratitude that I can convey.

I recently read the Attractor Factor and am currently reading Hypnotic Writing. There where so many times while I read of your past experiences and struggles when I felt like I wanted to jump up and shout because I could relate so perfectly (one time I actually had to put the book down and take a walk). I have felt for some time that I needed to contact you and express my gratitude for your work. I want you to know that writing you is something I would normally never do. I always assume that successful and famous people have more important things to do and don't have the time (though I quietly admire them and the freedom they seem to enjoy). I want to improve the circle of people that I can really call friends. Perhaps this email represents a huge step for me in point of practice. I am working very hard to make significant changes in myself, to master myself and take responsibility and ownership for my life. I've done a lot of things others might consider impressive, but truly that's all been on the surface. After a long road of hard knocks, disappointment and a profound "throwing in the towel" in myself, you reminded me that it can be done. You nudged me on. You helped me hope and believe again.

Again, Thank you and God bless,

Image of man and moman

Alar Askberg.

Inspiration from Bruce Barton, from your Seven Lost Secrets ... made a Big Difference! I am an avid fan of both your marketing as well as inspirational works. Thank you for inspiring me. To paraphrase yourself, act on the Ideas, and then hit the accelerator, because "The Universe Likes Speed.